I have designed a couple of 2-3 page websites before and they both were done in Dreamweaver. I was able to do that since they were not real websites and I had plenty of time to try things out.

I am currently working on a proposal for a redesign of a website. I am able to create all my elements in Indesign. I have some concerns that I already know I should be aware of.

1- Things need to be measured in pixels.
2- Only use web safe fonts ( maybe even web safe colors)

3- Is leading and line spacing measured the same way? Does 24pt leading equal 24 line space?
4- Lines are measured in pts, how is that converted when translated it to code or to tell a programmer the measurements?

What other things should I be aware of and need to know?

the outlook of thr site should be pleasant
do not use unnecessary video or sound
Don't put a welcome page where you have to click and enter your main page. Wasting time there might drive the visitors away.
loading time should be minimal
don't put unnecessary banners on site
Avoid using colorful fonts, use of many fonts or use of unreadable fonts. As I said pleasant outlooks keeps the visitors hooked on your site.

Headline plays a significant role in attracting customers. Hence use catchy phrases for the headline, it'll work well.

content is the king..so keep the content strong

I am working together with a Web Programmer on a redesign of a project. I have no real issues with designing in Indesign. I am able to create the whole website in indesign. My issues are how to tell the programmer this text is XX px or this box is XX pixels by XX pixels.Everything so far I have done is being designed in either pts or inches. I am taking screen size into consideration, web safe colors, and that text needs more leading on the web.

I just dont know how to tell the programmer ok so this text that I set as 12 pts or 10 pts is XX px. This paragraph has a 14 pt leading so it should be XX line spacing. I just dont know how to convert the print language to the language used in Web programming.

How does a Web Designer design?
1- What program does one use?
2- How does one show the information to a programmer?
3- etc....?

This is a sample of what I would do in Indesign and want to know how to tell it over to a programmer.

What am I doing wrong?

The position in pixels that Indesign shows me looks wrong when putting it into dreamweaver.

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