Placing direct links as references on your website

Good quality links are a great way of increasing your websites vizability and ranking but try and keep to sites that relate to your subject matter, we have included a link at the bottom of this article which takes you to the best free web tools, we have also included this in our own website.

You probably already know that all too often, websites are cluttered with huge, pointless graphics or unnecessary, whizz-bang Flash interfaces that some of the online population can't even use without having to download software. Like most things you want to sell the key is to know the market - whether you're creating a site for entertainment purposes or selling pipes and slippers online - and address it in a language and environment it understands.

Our web sites are always designed with target audiences in mind. Colours also have meaning as mentioned in our branding page on.
G3 Creative's professional graphic designers understand the psychology of colour and the use of white space to best project the image your visitors wish to see. Understanding the products, services and information your target audience is searching for is always paramount to the design and maintenance of an effective web site, as is search engine optimisation, choosing the correct keywords and marketing.

G3 Creative Solutions is a member of the UK Web Design Association.

Check out some of the sites the G3 Creative Solutions team have built, and see how we practise what we preach.
or simply click on the links below for a few examples:
One of the most comprehensive tourist board sites around.
Duffy & McGovern Accommodation Services.
A practical touring guide featuring eight self-drive itineraries around the scenic and historic heartlands of Scotland.
A Green Tourism promotional vehicle for Scotland's National Parks. Very content-rich.

To find typos for your keywords, go to

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