I was screwing around doing some brain storming on an idea for one of my web pages when I accidently hit save. That wouldn't be an issue except it saved the changes I made to my style.css as well! Now all my text is the wrong size and is drifting in some spots. I have the original style.css file I saved like a month ago, however I've made too many changes since then to implement it. I was looking for away to take the current style.css file I have now and the old style.css and see all the entries that have changed, like debug them. There's so many lines I'd hate to go line by line, I'm using Dreamweaver CS4, however if there is another bit of software that can help me compare the two files and see the differences between the two that would be awesome! Any ideas?

YES!! Success! AWESOME program called WinMerge just saved my life! I could see how it would be an invaluable coding tool. And it's open source, even better, check it out.

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