Hello evry1!:)
One more question: If i copy n paste any CSS code from any of the CSS tutorial websites,do I need to save it like an "external style sheet" or something? In short,how do I use CSS in DW?Simple copy n paste would do or no? Thank you.

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you can create an external file sheet so copy and paste into a blank document and save it then in the head of the html document put

<link rel="stylesheet" href="filename.css" type="text/css" />

or you could just put it inside the head of the html document in style tages like this.

<style type="text/css">
Paste your css here

Also you should note that this could all be done in notepad dreamweaver is just a text editor and you should learn to use the code view more than the design view.

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Hi there!
Thank you for your simple and straight forward reply.It was of a great help :)

No problem. I think the biggest issue that newer web designers and developers have is that they feel like they need to go out and buy a program like dreamweaver to make websites when dreamweaver is really just an advanced text editor. Deffinitely try to learn more of HTML and CSS and stick to the coding view as much as possible. For good tutorials I would suggest w3schools and lynda.com.

I use Dreamweaver, but almost exclusively in code mode. It's really nice to have all of the attributes pop up for you and it saves a lot of typing time.

I've tried design mode, but I hate the way it makes my code look.

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