Hi Guys I am trying to create simple rounded corners - which I thought IE9 was supposed to now support, BUT for some reason it STILL doesn't seem to work. I know there are plenty of work-rounds, BUT am I doing something wrong?

I have this:

border-radius: 5px;

I've tried declaring ALL radius, no help either. W.I.P page is here, looks fine in all bar IE9!!! This is driving me a little nuts ;)

If anyone can help that'd be great. If not then I suppose I'll use Javascript / conditional statements to cover ALL IE browsers.

Thanks for any input,


Erm...My Bad...the Radius wasn't the problem. IE9 was choking on:

font:0.76em Helvetica, Arial Sans-Serif!important;

no idea why, but once removed / replaced the radius began to work...

I love IE...no really I do...

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