I need some good templates to buy for some clients to use in Dreamweaver CS4. I downloaded some samples from some of the popular sites selling web templates and I am very disappointment. It is very hard to use most of them since the entire layout is based on tables plus more tables.

Need advice on where I can get some really good templates that is designed to use with Dreamweaver and CSS. Any help will be appreciated

i know that what i am going to say, is no help to you at all, but if you are unhappy with the templates then way not create your own?! As a designer you are required to create your client's CI through your own design. there is helpful tutorials on sitepoint.com that might assist you with your design issues regarding your CSS and Site design, but a quick fix tutorial to solve a clients design is not the solution.


For a decent project with a decent payment I create my own template. However, now I need a template for a few jobs that are not paying too good. They don't care much about the technical details. They just want a WEB SITE. In todays econommy I'm not saying no but I want a ready template themed to their industry.

once again, what i'm telling you does not help you at all, but even though they want a quick fix on web site, as a designer, it's your responsibility to make sure that they client get what they need. if they weren't paying what you would ask to creat a decent site, then you should have turned them down, or negotiate with them so they get a site that suites their needs.

i'm not familiar with any sites that has ready made templates as i only create my own. the advantage i have is that, all my sites that i've created has got my own style and i can always use them for references. sorry, but i can't help you then.

you can find lot of templates in Dreamweaver folder inside Program file. Just browse C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Dreamweaver \Tutorial_assets