Hey guys I've been in web development for a short while, and still have some rookie issues going on. I recently started using dreamweaver as a change from expression web. I switched mainly because after I start doing some heavy CSS formating the "design" view looks screwed up. However when I preview it in a browser the layout looks just like I want. When I started using photoshop I was shocked to see I was having the same problems. Is there something I must be doing wrong in my code if it looks ok on the browser? Or is it just some normal problem with these programs I should ignore?

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I don't think Photoshop has anything to do with your problem at the moment, but I think the codes are to blame. Usually, browsers like Firefox and Chrome automatically solve little coding problems. But I can't exactly say what the problem is. So if you can show me the CSS and HTML codes, I'll try my best to help you out with this.

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