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dont know a css style to do it
have always used a transparent background with 2 horizontal lines for the span of text

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I know you can do a single strike through with the text-decoration style, however I don't think you can do a double lined strike through. I think your only choice would be to use a background image.


Please don't call someone stupid, they may have a need that you do not understand. Also you should spell sais "says", but don't worry, I won't call you stupid.

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You're probably right :)

Well, it's just that it seems weird to me to strike-through words that you find important. And sorry, English is not my native language.


Strike through is used to record edits to the text, struck out and replaced rather than just replaced
double strike through I dunno, what for

Just the OP is an annoying twerp who posts the same question multiple times and demands immediate fixes
screw im


For completeness .....

HTML's <del>...</del> and <ins>...</ins> are included for use as editorial "laymarks".

I have never used either of them.

There's also a very old, now deprecated, tag <s>...</s> for strikethrough.

Whilst <del> generally results in a single strikethrough, W3C leaves it open as to how <del> (and <ins>) markup should be rendered. The HTML 4.01 Recommendation says that, "User agents should render inserted and deleted text in ways that make the change obvious. For instance, inserted text may appear in a special font, deleted text may not be shown at all or be shown as struck-through or with special markings, etc."

As far as I know, no CSS directive will successfully override any browser's rendering of strikethough achieved with either <del> or <s>, though you can add further style directives such as italics, bold, background-color or whatever.

I recall once seeing a suggestion that using a background image was the only way to achieve double strikethrough, as Stbuchok has already said.


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What's your problem ? Post something such question about what you want. It is rather helpful than asking your whole question in post title.

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