maybe im searching for the elusive obvious or maybe im blind...
long story short, i have been coding using css templates for a while now, putting off the issue of screen resolution. something that has allways been a issue for me. using the templates has allowed me to ignore this issue.

but now its time to bite the bullet. can anoyone suggest either methods, techniques, or any other resources that i can use to learn all there is i can about laying out css for diferent resolutions?

any help will be appriciated :)


Well, it depends a bit on what exactly you want to make. If you want a dynamically-sized website, use percentages. If not, the main parts of your website should (IMO) use the full width of the screen, or have a fixed width and be centered. If you have specific issues, feel free to post them (with code).

As there are different resolutions, using percentage instead of pixel. One possible way is to work out the pixel first, then calculate the percentage of pixel over your current resolution. This way it should look proportionally the same on other resolutions as well.