Hi, I'm having a problem with my site header.

I am redoing the site, and I have changed the options on my nav bar (within the header.php), but the old one still displays on some of the pages (e.g. 'articles' is still present in the nav menu of the forum and news pages). The first link below is the home page, where the new nav bar displays fine, the second is one of the pages where the old nav bar still displays. I have been through every page in the database and cannot figure out how to change it on the problem pages.

First link
Second link

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I'm seeing the same navigation bar. Have you cleared your browser's cache?


Yes the the browser cache has been cleared, and I have tried several browsers.

The home page bar reads "Home-Forum-Blog-News-Conventions-Directories-Shop"
The news page bar reads "Home-News-Forum-Blog-Articles-Conventions-Directories-Shop

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I've been through every page in the database (even the unrelated ones), there is over 100 pages, and I can't find anything relating to the menu bar other than the header.php.
There are two header.php's (one in the js folder), and they have both been changed to contain the new version of the menu, but the old one still shows on the site on those pages.


I figured it out. I realised that I hadn't changed the raw html in the forum cp (and that I'm an idiot).

Thanks for all the suggestions though.

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