I just wanna know how to enable tab switching without the whole page reloading. When i click a tab, the page would appear on a form or lets say a part of a page (e.g <div>).

Dont want to use frame.

And i would like to know how to have a drop down from tabs, like the one from this site on the menus.

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for MENU you may user superfish.
for tabs you may use JQUERY-UI-TABS

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for MENU you may user superfish.
for tabs you may use JQUERY-UI-TABS

Are those softwares sir? I would only like to use pure html or css.

It might be possible with psuedo-classes, but you would have to be very careful about where you place each element - more trouble that it's worth.

jQuery is a JavaScript library that allows you to do things like this with very little code - 4-8 lines. So I definitely recommend going with that.


Found a solution.. I tried using list.

echo "      <li><span><a href=\"INSERT URL HERE\">News</a></span>\n";
echo "	  <ul class=\"level-1\">\n";
echo "          <li><span><a href=\"INSERT URL HERE\">School Campus</a></span></li>\n"; 
echo "          <li><span><a href=\"INSERT URL HERE\">Activity for the Month</a></span></li>\n"; 
echo "          <li><span><a href=\"INSERT URL HERE\">Administration Updates</a></span>\n"; 
echo "        </ul>\n";

Tried the JQuery and got some new idea from it. Thanks . Thread Solved

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