Hi. I'm changing a site's URL to a new domain. The site is hosted at freewebs.com which makes it impossible to create redirects (unless anybody proofs different).

What is the most efficient way to make sure I don't get penalized by Google for duplicate content? As the new domain is a subdomain I cannot use 'change of address' in Google Webmaster Tools.


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Make an html page that uses a meta redirect and a moved message.

Google will interpret that page as a redirect.

However, don't use a javascript redirect, because google will not see that.


Thanks for the tip, CodeJoust. But would that work 'cause the index.html file is the same as the websites hosting stays with freewebs? Only the url changes. Or could I use something like a redirect depending on what url is typed?


Just add a meta redirect to the header in a new file, so the page will be redirected to the new website.
There will only be a link, like we've moved to a new page.
I don't see a reason to keep the site (index.html), on two servers. Just have the freewebs one redirect to the new one.
Does freewebs support .htaccess files?

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Thanks again. No they do notsupport .htaccess. Is a lousy host (for the advanced site edits) by the way.

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