How can I get an hr to fade off into the page color on both ends?

Not an effect. Just the look of the <hr>

Thanks if someone can help :)

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no, you can either use it in html code such as

<hr style="width:500px;"/>

or you can add class to the line and use CSS to control it.
Before I forget, you can center it by adding margin:auto

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Since the request was for a fade - that would imply a gradient from the color of the hr element to the background color, which is why I suggested an image. Maybe a gradient would work. But I doubt it will work in MSIE.


Oh, maybe I misunderstand you meaning. How about if adding shadow to both side of the hr? It work for me, but the problem still in IE7/8 where I use filter to generate the shadow.


Nothing fancy or cool works properly in IE7/8. But apparently it does support gradients in CSS. Look for "CSS gradient background".
Let us know if it works.


WORKED!! Had to make a table with only certain sides gradient because I needed a horizontal hr as well but could not find one.

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