Hi y'all...
I'm just getting my feet wet with this whole "usability" thing. Now, from what I've gathered, frames are bad and a thing of the past. Okay, now i'm making my websites with Divs and CSS. Here is my question. On one page of my site, I would like to open a media player (to start playing songs). As the user browses the rest of my site, I would like to have the songs continue to play. I cant think of how to do this though, because each time the user clicks to navigate to a new page of my site, the entire page (including the media player)will be reloaded. Any ideas?


Sigh no matter how we try to abstract it way HTTP is a stateless protocol. Why o why do we humans beat ourselves up trying to replace the desktop with the internet ?

The only way I can think of would be to use AJAX for everysingle hyperlink to request and load the requested page into the main default home page where you're user arrives.

so user clicks a link, javascript creates a HttpRequest object, requests teh URL from the server, and then does something like

var mainDIV = document.getElementById("maindiv");
mainDIV.innerHTML = requestobj.responseText;

When you're starting a media player, it's ok to open a new window the size of the media player. It's a good idea to warn your user before hand, in case something happens at the point where they click on it and they don't see it open. (As a general rules, only PDFs and control/player functions should open in new windows.)