Hello everyone,

Somebody could suggest me some good script that you have used (jquery or something) to embed within a div structure a multi album photo slideshow/gallery or some other way to do it.

I've seen some but they aren't multi album and one of them has that feature but is not free script.

Many thanks in advance

Hi eng.naguib,

Thanks for your reply.

But for what I'm seeing so far, I think the script you're sharing is not intended to be used for a photo gallery/photo album.

May somebody know another free script to do this?

Thanks in advance

Hey thanks again eng.naguib,

That looks great, but it seems doesn't have the feature of albums of photos.

I looking something like having the frame to see the current photo, below some thumbnails to select photo doing click on each one or with next and previous button and be able to insert all in a div of 600px of width.

Something like in the attached image.

Do you know some script similar to this?

Many thanks for help so far.


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