Make sure your site is accessible to everyone regardless of the browser they are using -- There are no standards-no common denominators for the internet yet. Viewers have different equipment--modems with low baud speeds. Keep this in mind when including graphics and some of the bells and whistles you would like to use. Web design tips Do not forget that your web site can be viewed by anyone, anywhere -- If you are trying to reach a global audience make sure your graphics can be translated and understood internationally.


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Thanks for this useful article. Here i would like to extent it.

Web designing tips

Navigation links:
NL plays an important role in determining the stickiness of your site. Think, what your visitors do as soon as they open the site? They all read the content of the site. So try to neat and easy navigation.
Layout Design:
Try to make simple layout of your site. If there is a lot of white space, it will enhance the site’s look. Focus on your site content and use simple template for your site. You should use font that will be available on all computers.
Optimum load time.
This is something that is very important in website development. Don’t let your user be tired off when they open your site and wait for uploading. Always try to make the load time low. To do this, minimize graphics and flash script, use HTML and script code and avoid from unwanted tags. Try to use SSI files. They files resides in its cache for subsequent request.
Screen Resolutions
Your site should be easy to use for all visitors. Don’t write too lengthy contents.The easy site helps users to stay and read content. Design site for all screen resolutions. If your site doesn’t look good for some resolution, the user will close the browser window.
Website scalability
Always ensure the website scalability. If your code and design is not scalable, probably you will not get good results.
Cross Browser Compatible:
Check yours site with different browsers like IE5+, Mozilla Firefox 1.0, NV 6+ and Opera.

Charles Steve

niD heLp fOR my thesis proposaL :(

I don't think we should care much about IE 6 and below if the web site we built it not meant for a big market share, say a blog or online portfolio. I think it would be a waste of potential and time to try to fix problems like IE's Alpha channel problem. That's just my opinion, maybe I'm just lazy. But those problems are making the results below my standard.

thank you for sharing your thoughts. im about to build a website for the first time and your posts really helps.

thanks again

web designing tips:-

  • Give Priority to the Website User's Needs
  • Program using pure CSS
  • Optimize Load Time
  • Ensure a Scalable and Reliable Website
  • Test Early Test Often

I would like to visit this type of thread for more information and web design is the first stage of web development and its necessary to know the tips for web designing such as proper layouts, Javascript and flash use limit and few design options like CSS and images.

Layout is the main thing I consider when I design a professional website, if I complete my layout perfectly it’s really easy to design background or what ever the way I want.

Yes, I am agree that Layout main thing that you have consider while designing website. Because it will be beneficial in attracting the potential customers. It is the sign that you are organized and focus.

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