Hi All,

I have lately encountered quite a few problems with the problem I'm about to describe. I think it would be good for all of us to know the solutions if anytime we encounter this problem.

I know my content is larger than the screen and I have a vertical scrollbar. However, the problem is that the vertical scrollbar is not displayed well in the browser. In fact, I can only see the top part of the scrollbar and not the bottom and the scrollbar sort of looks disabled, therefore I cannot actually scroll my content neither can I click on the scrollbar. However, if I 'inspect element', I can actually see that all my content is being loaded into the page.

Anyone of you guys ever encountered this problem?

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You don't say what OS or browser. Have you tried a forced refresh (Ctrl f5)

I am using Chrome, Firefox and IE9 on Windows 7. THanks for your reply.

May we have a link to the site? Maybe the problem is reproducible on another machine with the same OS and browser.

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