am new to web disigning.
And i am designing a web page using joomla.
And i want to add a drop down list to my page. I tried to search for the extensions but i din find any. As i am also new to this css and html, so am not sure from where to start.

So, please, guide to build this drop down list.

Thanx in advance

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I'd reccomend you work on your grammer my friend, not a good way to ask for help.

However, to respond to your post:
I am not familiar with joomla but as for the css and html I'd reccomend you check out W3 Schools for some tutorials on the basics and the more advanced features of the two languages.


oopppsssss... sorry for the grammer...

And thanks for the w3 schoool advice. I already started reading it few daz back and also have some basic knowledge of html and css. I also got a link to my solution in this forum. But still to implement it.
Will get back for help, if i encounter any error..

Thanks again.

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