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I think writing a content depend upon how good you are in writing and how good your english.



If you have the budget you can buy content from sites like Textbroker. I've built a couple of sites {snipped}] that have a content area, called "news" or "articles" or "faq" with the content in there.

In hindsight though, I think it works better if you have your content on your money-making pages, it leads to a better user experience, and that's what it'a all about.

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Writing good copy takes practice. It isn't one of those talents that you either have or you don't. When you write copy, you need to be concise and to the point. Your headings need to have strong "Calls to action". You need to grab your readers attention within about 5 seconds or they will hit the back button and it's game over.

Make sure your copy is easy to understand and cut out any words you don't need. Writing good copy is a talent that can most definitely can be learned. You must practice and test it out. Split test different copy pages to find what works the best and hone in on improving it.

Most of all, keep it simple.


Writing good content depends upon how good your English writing and understanding is. How you convey "whatever you want to say" in the best possible and in fewer words. Simple as it should be, it should be to the point as well. It's talent but sometimes you can get a grip over it when you understand the purpose of writing.

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