Hi guys.I'm working on a site where i require the layout to be fluid i.e the elements take percentages for their widths.I however don't want the layout to scatter as it currently does when the browser is resized.I have tried min-widths for the various elements like body but it still doesn't cut it.

Another issue is layout fitting on devises with different resolutions especially smaller resolutions.How does one ensure the site stays intact with elements lying on top of others on smaller screens.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your question is very important, If you want to make flexible UI, you have to consider many things e.g. dont put straight images <img></img>, instant use background image. Try NOT to fix the width, instant give the percentage width etc.

There is javascript code available to detect which user e.g. (iPhone,iPad, mobile, PC) is browsing your site, on the basis of user, you need to adjust your UI that may be developing UIs for each type of user. Following site/s may be helpful for you:


thanks sufyan though i was just wondering do all the smartphones support javascript and css equally!! I now the answer is close to a no but what is the penetration level thank man,

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