I want to build an adult website that will host forums, blogs, chat and story writing and publishing facilities. Can anyone recommend web templates/designs?


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It depends on what you like and what you want?

You can visit w3schools.com....It will help you a lot.....

commented: TS is asking for templates or designs. Also, w3schools is not a good site for learning how to make a site. -1

Any template can be modified to suit a particular flavour of pervision, your biggest problem I fear will be finding a web hosting provider. Most wont accept 'Adult' sites and those that do will charge some pretty steep annual fees.

for hosting check out fatcow or hostgator..

Any template can be customized to suit your website with the help of professional web designers.

use the tool such as CMS....than you can make easy for your purpose...
Furthermore you can find lot of video or other tutorials in internet...
If you non-technical person than you can find the template or such a thing that i was mention in above .....

keep in mind that there is a hole lot of sites with the same design... try do some original design

or get a free template and change all of the important parts header footer if you dont know what to go with on the creative side .. best of luck

You can download the good templates from internet.

You can find various types of templates form internet. And if you want host service then there are many companies in the market. First Compare all the features from other hosting service.

There are plenty of templates of adult themes on the internet, however as has already been suggested, templates afree and as such are generally used else where time and time again. If youhave the skills to change a template significantly to move away from it's original look and make it unique then you should be able to build a site from scratch.

Any any industry especially one which plans on providing a service for a fee, uniqueness is what stands you ahead of the competitors and so it might be wise to find a web design company or freelancer who will build a site for you.

i recommend using word press. thats pretty much it is mostly about

There are plenty of templates out there you could use. You could even download something like PHPBB to get a quick and easy forum. You can then modify the templates to give it some of your own look/feel.

There are other free blog tools you can install as well.

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