Hello people

Merry xmas and all that jazz.

Can i ask does anyone know a good website that demonstrates css hacks for Mozilla Firefox.

Basically i don't know the syntax for this: .element-column-right-alpha-outer {margin-top:35px}

But only for firefox in the rest of the browsers it works ok but chrome is giving me problems, so i thought the work around would be for firefox.


I found a few JavaScript hacks that work well on YouTube. Can I ask why you want to use hacks in a browser? Is it just fun or something else?

Google should give a list of browser hacks. Have you tried asking "our brother" Google?

Sorry dude

I am confusing you, here is an image of is on my dev server along with the html and css.

The image will demonstrate what i mean.

Thanks for your time



				<div id="social_media_outer">
                        <div id="social_media">

                        <div id="fb-root"> <script src="http://connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js#appId=210858382299720&amp;xfbml=1">
                        </script><fb:like href="" send="true" layout="button_count" show_faces="false" action="recommend" border="6" font="">
                        <span  class='st_linkedin' >
                        <span  class='st_facebook' >
                        <span  class='st_sharethis' st_title="Great Ormond Street Childrens Charity"
                        <a href="http://twitter.com/share" data-count="none"><img src="http://www.gosh.org/facebook/sharethis/twitter_icon.gif" style="position:relative;
                        bottom:-4px; border:none;" /></a><script type="text/javascript" src="http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js"></script><span class="st_email" ></span>

                        <a href="javascript:print(document)"><img src="http://www.gosh.org/facebook/sharethis/print_icon.gif" style="position:relative;
                        bottom:-4px; border:none;" /></a>


Sorry cant attach the image

Oh I get what you mean. I think you're tryin to achieve something but it is not workin in firefox, Right?

Yeah dude spot that's the one

jelly46, can you show the HTML for the element with class element-column-right-alpha-outer, as well as the HTML and CSS for the element directly above/before it?

jelly46, can you show the HTML for the element with class element-column-right-alpha-outer, as well as the HTML and CSS for the element directly above/before it?

Hello mate seasons greetings to you here is the code you need, it it helps.

Thank you for this


/* Columns Alpha */
.element-columns-alpha-outer { clear: both; margin-bottom: 10px; }
.element-columns-alpha-inner { width: 100%; overflow: hidden;}
.element-column-left-alpha-outer { }
.element-column-left-alpha-inner { width: 100%; overflow: hidden; margin-left:0;}
.element-column-left-alpha-content {}
.element-column-right-alpha-outer {margin-top:35px;}/**/
.element-column-right-alpha-inner { }
.element-column-right-alpha-content { width: 100%; overflow: hidden;}


<div class="element-column-right-alpha-content">
<div style="width: 100%;" class="element-panel-gamma-outer">
	<div class="clear element-panel-gamma-inner">
		<div class="element-panel-gamma-header-outer">
			<div class="element-panel-gamma-header-inner">
			    <h2 class="element-panel-gamma-header" id="esctl_3665075_h"><span class="oPanelTitle" id="esctl_3665075_lblPanelTitle">Useful links</span></h2>
		<div class="element-panel-gamma-body-outer">
			<div class="element-panel-gamma-body-inner clearfix">
				<div class="element-panel-gamma-body-content-outer">
					<div class="element-panel-gamma-body-content-inner clearfix">

<div class="ContentEditor"><a onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Page', 'Link Clicked', '/about-us/foundation-trust/membership-podcasts/']);" title="Membership podcasts" class="oLinkInternal" href="/about-us/foundation-trust/membership-podcasts/">Find out what it's like to be a member and what it could involve</a><br>


OK I still don't see the HTML with class element-column-right-alpha-outer though. Just CSS. Where is the div with this class? Does it begin right after <div class="element-column-right-alpha-content"> is closed?

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