Does Anyone have a code snippet for a horizontal drop down menu with collapsible text to share with me? Thanks a lot.


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I looked at your web links, they all point to a web site or simply href="#".

What I would like is that each menu item points to a collapsible text. It might have + or - sign. + means the content is hidden and - means the content is shown.

I can do horizontal drop down menu and collapsible text separately. I am not sure how to put them together.

Please advice.


The web is fulled with code-snippets to realize this, not that hard to do..

The only thing you'll have to use is jQuery.
If you'll google a little bit around, your problem will be fixed in no time :)

I looked into the web page you gave. It looks like it is just a collapsing text, without combining any horizental drop down box. Any other examples you can share with me?

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