Hello everyone,
I am working on a software project that when completed I will need a website to put it on.
However, I suck at web design. So I am looking for a free web design program where I can just drag and drop to create my website.

What are some really good one's you guys know of?

Thanks in advance,

- WolfShield

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many free website template are available on the internet.

Thanks for the reply. I'll look into site templates.

- WolfShield

I always google free web templates, look at a template, then design it off any ideas I get from there.

Thanks for the advice.

- WolfShield

you can also take those free templates and use webmatrix and work with it and then put it online ^^ good luck ^^

Thanks very much,
WebMatrix looks amazing!

- WolfShield

hi guys u take a best web design software plz follow a this link web-design-software-review.toptenreviews.com it has a top software 2011 on this link.And so Manny site on the internet..

Go to following the following link this is the step by step tutorial:


Yes you are right to use free web design sites online but I think if you want to design your own website, use Dreamweaver with the best features.

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