Good Afternoon all,

i have been slowly creating a website mainly in HTML where the visitor to the site can upload images (the image will have a heading above it.) and basically raint about the person in the image wheather it be good or bad, and then a visiter can click on the chosen image of their choice ths will then open up a new tab in the browser displaying only the image they have cicked on along with the comments people have left below the image.

please refer to the link below for to see the actual layout of the images (please this is a rated 18 website, but it was the only website i could find with the actual layout i wanted to implement)

[snipped - linking to adult content is not allowed]

below is the link to the page for the layout that i want for when somebody clicks on a image

[snipped - linking to adult content is not allowed]

if you scroll to the bottom of the page (via the above link) you will see a section for comments (sorry about the image it was the image i could find with a comment under it)

any help would be appreciated

sorry i just realised i missed something out, whats important is that for the gallery users must be able tp upload their images themselves instead of me doing it for them