Hello all,

I have a simple html/css based drop down menu.

It works fine in Chrome, however it doesn't work at all in IE 8.

Does anyone have a fix for this?

The link to the site is: http://cecvp.net.s41035.gridserver.com/

Thanks for anyone who helps me out!

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Lol, 4 years of professional web design and extensive cross-browser support research have taught me: nothing works right in IE.

Would it be possible to create a Javascript equivalent to run exclusively in IE 8?

Haha it sure seems that way.

I've been tracking down the bugs in my files and cleaning things up but I may be going with a different design altogether.

Thanks for your input, appreciate the help!

google for "son of suckerfish" or for "superfish", the former is a very VERY small bit of javascritp, 12 lines if I rememebr correctly, which makes css based drop downs or flyout menus work in IE. No need at all to write your own javascript. Superfish is jQuery code that adds a few extra options that son of suckerfish didn't have. It uses the fish part of its name as a tribute to the original code.

Your menu is broken in firefox.

I tried to edit the css, and then noticed that you have 34 stylesheets!!!!!
That is totally ridiculous.

I changed some of the values in the menu css file, but it had no effect, and is probably being overridden by something in the other 33 files or the embedded styles.

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