I need help creating a form for a project.
I'm open to HTML5 , Jquery , Javascript but I will need this to be compatible with Iphone/Ipad/Android.

I need to create a form with a text field.
Only 7 digit model numbers will be typed into the field.

Based on what is typed in an image will appear based on what was typed in the first textfield.

The image's source will pull from a combination of a url as well as the value typed in the textfield.



____1234567_____ >> Corresponding image shows here


Another crucial part is being able to pull out data from an H1 tag from a URL's source
So if I were to go to a product page

the product description is placed in a <h1> tag

I tried searching the entire web and I'm desperate like CRAZY.

I appreciate any response

HTML 4 or 5 on an iPhone/iPad/Android shouldn't be a problem for this. Most problems with websites on mobile occur with using CSS attributes like HOVER or absolute positioning. Design the page well and you won't have any issues.
The first part is pretty standard. The user enters the text and clicks the button and then server side code (or javascript if you aren't doing any server side processing) takes the entered text and adds it to the URL.
What you are looking for for the second part is called screen scraping. You can load the desired page using the .Net HTTP classes and then scan through using regular expressions to find the H1 tags.
Here is a very simple tutorial but there are plenty of more advanced ones.

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