Now i am using the IE9.I am developing the pages according to its view.But when it is opened in the IE8 the style is not working there.How can i solve it.Please help me.I have tried it alot.But not working.Thanks in advance

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does the style works well on maijor browsers ?? mozilla,chrom,opera....?

anyway if it works with IE9 then the wrong not from your code it is from the browser it self!!

Some of the properties in CSS3 is not supported across all browsers. As newever versions of browsers are rolled out, more of it will be supported. When designing web pages, you have to consider your visitors when using certain HTML elements and CSS styles.

have you tried it in other browsers? like firefox, chrome,opera..
if it works on those and not on IE8, then leave it, because some properties of CSS3 is not working in IE (as IE sucks.)

You could always show us your site and point out the bit that isn't working properly for you...

IE8 released 2009
CSS3 released 2011, not complete at 5 June 2012

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