Dear All

We have had a site running for the best part of 2 years without any real issues. Recently there have been questions raised with IE9/win7 - the clients says that only part of the page is loading - see screen shot attached.

I have tried on 4 different computers with IE9 to duplicate this problem and as far as I can see everything is fine. (and I have also tried chrome, FF, Saf, Opera IE7,8 and compatability - all fine)

Please could some of you be so kind as to look at the SS and check the link in IE9 obviously to see if the home page is loading. Just to say, the top image is a rotator.

the site is at http://www.coinstreet.org

I'd really appreciate any comments you might have


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This page is working for me.

I tried to view the page in IE8 / win7 and also in FF.
The contents of the page are visible to me.

Please have a look at the attachment

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Looking good, Internet Explorer 9, Windows Vista Ultimate SP2, but I have a really slow connection and the slider blinks until all the images are completely loaded, you might considered to show an alternate static image then when the page is completely loaded then start the slider.

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