I am in need of some help with a webform. I have looked the web over and cannot find a solution.
First, In the webform I have the need to disable certain text fields based on whether or not a radio button is checked yes or no.
Second, I would like to enable the user to "click here to add another", which would then create a duplicate set of fields for the user to fill out. I really need for the user to do this up to approx. 10 times if necessary.
I just don't want to make the form super long with 10 sets of the fields if some may only need to add 1 or 2.
I hope I was clear enough with what U am asking.
If anyone can offer a suggestion, I would be so appreciative.
The webserver I use has the capability of coldfusion which I have used for the form so far.
Thanks again for any help.