I made page with a jquery plugin and a css dropdown menu. I had to z-index the rotator so that the menu drop down could go over it. but now the plugin nav buttons are not clicking please help guys. Been going round in circles. scratch scratch

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you can use position:absolute instead of z-index

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you can use position:absolute instead of z-index

Thanks for the reply but it seems to not work on IE7 in my flexslider.css I have added the following

/* FlexSlider Necessary Styles
.flexslider {width: 550px; margin: 0; padding: 0;z-index:1;position:absolute;}

And my drop down menu bar z-index:2;
Other browsers it works perfect but not IE7

If you coded (slider and menu) both as position:absolute then z-index will work. make menubar z-index:200 or some other high value. and if you are positioning the slider as position:absolute then simply remove z-index rule. simply make sure to code menubar position:relative then it should not conflict. If still there is a problem then please send a link to the page so i can check what is going wrong. :)

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