Hello Dears
I need help in having two columns in my website , i don't know why it can't be done
i tried everything with table and div and css ,, but it appears on column is down and the another is up
it's so strange !!!!!!!! i tried also valign and top in css but it doesn't work

here is an example for my website http://videos.play35.com/funniest-security-footage-of-idiot-car-crash/

the problem that is under the video
i want to make the Description and the Ad 300x250 in two columns but as you see , the description is down and the ad is up !!!!!!

I appreciate your help


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If you create an outer div, the. Place each of those two divs inside of that new outer div. set the appropriate with for each div, float one to the left, and the other float to the right.

i tried to do that but it doesn't work , i'm confused

In my case, whenever I wish to display things in column, normally I don't use floating as it will probably mess up the alignment inside the floated area. I'll just wrap them in one div and use css


and of course, like JorgeM said, a suitable width to both area. Hoping this shall help you

looks like you were able to move the divs side by side....

Nice site, but you do realize that the videos you are showing are from various channels that include adverts that you'll be missing out on the revenue.

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