Can anybody tell me what are the advantages of using CMS in Web Designing?

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In my opinion, CMS is not much help in the job of designing as it all depends on your own idea to come out with the creative interface. CMS will not interfere with the desing as the design is just being developed into themes and install based on CMS.
CMS is more to technical help expecially it shorten the development process and produce a more user friendly system as the users can edit the information themselve without have to even know any coding(of course if the developer provide the manual on how to use).

The main use of CMS's is that it manages your content in terms of creating, deleting or updating content on your site and also part of that would be adding HTML elements such as links, uploading images and stuff like that. it saves you a little bit time with coding and debugging your code.

<a href="some website to redirect your users to">  click here to go to the website </a>

Instead of inserting some elements like the above line, some CMS does that for you. Well, I guess it depends on the CMS you're using anyway. At the moment, I'm using Wordpress blogs and it does that for me.

Some CMS allows you to design a template for your website if you don't have any experience with web development and want something quick n easy to make. The best thing to do is to have a look what features the CMS you're choosing provides you.

I hope this answers your question.

Its only help if you built it... they aren't customizable if you didn't build it...

Look at wordpress, joomla, drupal... those are cms's but are only helpful for blogging and using their db... :)

I'm using wordpress at the moment. Yes, it is indeed for blogging purposes. On the other hand, I think joomla & drupal give different features to users.

Wordpress is for people who can't code and depend on built in features, unless they built their own, they are in the mercy of templates...

Same with joomla and drupal but I think they are better if you know php ;)

I think you'll find that the main advantage to a content management system is being able to provide your customer with a highly customized site that still allows them to manage the content without additional costs associated to having a dedicated web developer on the payroll.

@JorgeM.. True. That's one of the features that CMS offers.

Yes but there are always disadvantages in usings a cms that you didn't built (talking about templates/plugins)... so i prefer it if you built the templates and plugins :)

wordpress is good for cms ,recommended

CMS usually involves SQL database and if setup by a company, and they go bust it will be difficult to move your site elsewhere. On top of that, you will probably end up paying £20 -£50 a month just for the privilege of updating your site which you probably won't do anyway. Thumbs down as far as I am concerned. All my customers prefer me to develop and maintain their website for very little cost.


No offence but I strongly disagree with tekline where he mentioned the difficulties in moving sites. As I am an user of wordpress for quite long time, I can definitely access and move the database to another domain and hosting provided given mysql access. That is what I do as I have to move the site from a demo site to the live site if the customer did satisfy the demo.
Just export the database and modify a few lines of code and it is done.
Moreover, as it is 'CMS', I don't actually think the site is needed to be update by other person (if the developer provide a user manual or guideline on how to use).

Content Management Systems are web development tools that are used to manage you content that is text, images , videos etc.

  • With templates you can choose the one that fits your design idea
  • You can customize themes for your website
  • You don't need to have technical knowledge about web designing just a few basic ethics and CMS can handle everything for you. The Best one is joomla in my opinion.

No offence but I strongly disagree with tekline where he mentioned the difficulties in moving sites

No offence taken (Ips) but how many users know how to transfer SQl databases? The object of the exercise is for the user to edit their pages, but what happens when the website provider provides poor service and the user once to transfer. They will have to find and employ somone who will do that for them (usually rather expensive), and employ someone who is experienced to do so. I am sure you are one of these and I wonder how much you would charge? Quite a lot I would imagine. I am sure readers would be interested in your prices. So how about letting them know.

In addition, CMS providers have invested a lot of money in their systems even if they use Joomla etc, and in my experience they are rarely coopoerative. In fact one client of mine lost everything because the service provider claimed their systems and databases belonged to them (it was in the small print), so he lost his website. Fortunately, I was able to replicate his website (no SQL) before the company closed him down. As it turned out he rarely made any changes anyway so I simply I maintained it for very low cost. He was missold a CMS system which he did not need. In fact many people are sold CMS packages because they are told that it is the latest and best solution thinking that they will make changes themselves and when in fact they rarely do and then have to pay a large monthy charge for nothing. I have a quite a number of customers who have moved from CMS based websites because in reality they were paying for something that they did not need.

Actually, the knowledge of tranfering database of wordpress is provided in its codex: Therefore, if I am asked to do so, I would probably refuse the job and provide the reference link. In addition, there is more tutorial found by google for key words "migrate database wordpress".

I agree that Joomla is not good enough as everytime an update being done to its framework, it can't be updated like wordpress does. And I do agree that not everyone need a CMS system. But what about some business group that having subcompanies and have to updating their projects or advertisement or even event articles?

Normally, maintaining cost are depends on person. In my case, I have different packages to do so(for wordpress users only). Some of it is charged per update(rare update), and some of it is charged monthly, even anual charging package is available. It all depend on users to pick best package for themselves.

Some of the advantages of CMS are:-
-You can edit or add page to your website yourself
-As you can manage your website on your own so there is no need to pay a deveploer for this
-It provides quick redesign
-It has advanced capabilities as compared to HTML
-It provides graphic representation facility

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