Hey everyone, I'm rebuilding a website for a group, and this site has three contrast option for the vision impaired, The way the site was built. There was a folder for each contrasts. So that means when ever I did an update. I had to copy it to two other folders besides the main one. Right now i rebuilt it with just one contrast. i still have the two other css files that control the two other contrast and font color changes. on the site i have three buttons that can be used to switch the contrast. Can I switch between three css files with a click of a button on the site?

This is the site that is online now:


This is the site I rebuilt:


Thank you in advance:)

Not sure what you're asking. The other site is using a javascript click event on the buttons to change font size and page colors. You have the font size function working correct? Where is the js function for the contrast?

I have not added it yet. Before there was three folders in total for the pages. So by rights I had three copies of every page. I want to avoid that. I still have copies of the three css files. If you look at the site that is still online. you will see when you click on a contrast. it goes to another fold. There is three. STN, HC, INV.