I am making a simple box and inner box. The outer box is white and the inner box is purple. The inner box width is static (95%, i understand this is not necessarily static, but in the context of the height you'll understand) but the height is set to auto to reflect the height of the content text. The trick I'm facing is having a margin on the bottom. It is easy to set the sides. The outer box width is set to 97%, and the inner box width is set to 95%. There is a 10% margin on the top. But since the inner box height is set to auto, the outer box ends vertically where the inner box does. Is there any way to have the height of the outer box set to auto + 10%? Or something similar? Thanks!

Try using padding on the outter box.

create 2 boxes using div tags... then style them :)

Its easier to have a discussion with regard to your question if you post the code you have so far.

Sorry, thanks the padding worked great!

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