I created a tabbed menu and the menu tabs won't align to the left plus they don't "transition" properly... can someone tell me why?

I will post my code if needed :)

Sorry for not responding soon enough, but i fixed the issue... it was due to a duplicate of a style.... :)

Thanks for responding though :)

I will give you an arrow up just because :)

Well, actually I came up to another problem -_-.... the tabs don't switch on my web page... want me to send you the link so you can see?

Or at least provide the URL so we can see te issue and get to te source code

Sorry you guys for not responding... completely my fault for not being on the computer this last couple of days...

I will pm you guys the link to the site so you can see what i mean...

I think you should focus your efforts in the area of the menu_tab unordered list. If you want to control the menu via CSS, then you'll need to include the pseudo class :hover to show and hide the list items.

For example,

ul.menu_tab li#sale:hover targetElement {display:block}

Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of time on my hands at this moment to work with your code, but this is the area that I would focus on.

Also, rather than a PM, if you post some of the code you are having trouble with on this thread, even as an attachment if its too large to see on the screen, you'll get more people to help you and you will be helping others that will have a similar issue.

Don't worry guys, i fixed the tabbed menu issue... :)

It was an issue of the browser not detecting my jquery file!

Thanks you guys!