I am trying to style a log in menu that is created by this snippet i have here (generated by javascript):

var password;
var correctpassword = "DaNiWeB";
password = prompt ('Enter the Correct Password to view this page:','');
if (password==correctpassword)
    alert('Thank you for properly entering the password, you may now access this page');

How do i style this?

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What exactly are you trying to style? You have a prompt and alert.

If you mean style these, I am pretty sure that you can't apply styling since these are built in to the browser.

Well... When you put that way... I want to have it on the page then, now that I know you can't style it. How would I take that snippet and place on a web page as if it displays like the Wordpress log in.... Rather than having a non-styled pop up...?

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