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How are you defining the footer area in your CSS? And the div that holds the contents - is the height fixed at a set height or auto?


On your main <div> wrapper, you're defining a fixed height, so when your text exceeds that 1226px limit, it gives you the "leaking" footer into the main <div>.

You can either remove or comment out the height property in your CSS file and it will be fixed.

#main {
    background-color: white;
    width: 1140px;
    /* height: 1226px; */

I tried this using Developer Tools in Chrome on your site and by taking out the height property, it fixed the problem.

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@jwmollman...thanks so much! that worked perfectly. i figured it had something to do with a height issue but wasnt sure...css is not my strong point.


Glad I could help! CSS just clicked for me one day. I just practice with HTML and CSS by making simple layouts and then built upon them on my free time and that's how I get better at it.

For me, I just let <div>'s fill up with whatever content they contain. In all my layouts, I never really used fixed heights, only fixed widths.

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