Hi there
I am coming across a few issues with my new website and I managed to solve all but one now.
On pages that have long text, the footer is showing up in the text.
anyway to move it so it stays put???
and the example of the footer issue is: (http://home.comcast.net/~waynetorrance/roomies/history.html)

How are you defining the footer area in your CSS? And the div that holds the contents - is the height fixed at a set height or auto?

On your main <div> wrapper, you're defining a fixed height, so when your text exceeds that 1226px limit, it gives you the "leaking" footer into the main <div>.

You can either remove or comment out the height property in your CSS file and it will be fixed.

#main {
    background-color: white;
    width: 1140px;
    /* height: 1226px; */

I tried this using Developer Tools in Chrome on your site and by taking out the height property, it fixed the problem.

@jwmollman...thanks so much! that worked perfectly. i figured it had something to do with a height issue but wasnt sure...css is not my strong point.

Glad I could help! CSS just clicked for me one day. I just practice with HTML and CSS by making simple layouts and then built upon them on my free time and that's how I get better at it.

For me, I just let <div>'s fill up with whatever content they contain. In all my layouts, I never really used fixed heights, only fixed widths.

@saucy6969, jwmollman described it very well. CSS just "clicks" once you sit and learn the basics. When you get comfortable with CSS, you'll wonder why you didnt take the time to learn it before you spent all that time using deprecated HTML tags for styling....it happens to all of us. Here is a basic overview of CSS: http://www.itgeared.com/articles/1271-how-to-use-css-tutorial-guide/

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