where can I get transparent images and stock photos for free ?

I need some photos and images for website design

If only there was some kind of machine that could search the world for these kinds of things... oh wait. Did you google "free stock images"?
I did and found:
stock xchng, getty free images, turbo photo, stock vault and a pile of others.
Maybe my sarcasmism is misplaced but, come on, google is your friend.

I googled for "free stock images" but everyone needs to become their member with some charges. Any trusted and guaranteed source for free images? ( free means free )

Never came across any that were free and any good. Paid is the way to go (or make 'em yourself and sell 'em).

iStockPhoto was one I used in the past that was definitely free (I think it still is) and I think stock xchng had some free. The range wasn't as large as their paid options and they were of the more stilted variety of photos but you could get decent landscapes, people shots most of the time.