I have a problem with my slide show have 6 images, and you can flick throw the images, there's three images that shows up in that slide show, if you click the middle one you go to a link if you click on the sides it should slide to the center.

now what i am trying to do is when you hover the mouse on any of the images, the image should change and also when you click it slides to the center.

i have done the easy part where when you hover on the image it change but i couldn't done the hard job where when you click it goes to the center: that's the exact example of what i want http://www.maloclinics.com/pt/index.aspx and this is my link http://beuniqueuae.com/client/rabih-website2/ which i am trying to achive.

will be thankful with a little idea or help please

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I just checked your link and it seems to be working ok.

Do you have any problems with it?

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I just checked your link and it seems to be working ok.

Do you have any problems with it?

the problem is i want the images on the side to be have a function where:

1- if they are on the sides and hover mouse the image change, when click that image slides to the middle.

2- when this image came into the middle of the slideshow it has a link that goes into a sepcific page

and this is exactly what i want: maloclinics.com

and this is my website: http://beuniqueuae.com/client/rabih-website5/

Looks like it works, unless you are talking about the box around the images, and in that case just use a display block with padding, and a CSS3 radius

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