Can anyone write a simple code for a slider that fades???? i want to do one just like the one on can anyone assist???

Thanks in advanced!

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Check out jQuery cycle. It is a jQuery library for slideshows with a variety of transitions. It is pretty easy to set up too.

thanks for that info, but I don't want a plugin... I want to do it purely of html5 and css3... and very little JQuery :)

pretty sure you are still going to need at least JavaScript. jQuery is just a JavaScript library to make it easier to do client side processing.

if you take a look at the page source on, you'll find quite a bit of references to jQuery and JS scripts.

I know I'm gonna need it, but I don't want to write too much of jqeury... So you have any possible solutions... source codes? sites? tutorials? anything?

Again you should check out jquery cycle. Beyond adding the libraries and correctly naming the divs on the page there is one script (a couple of lines) that you need to add to the page to set it all in motion.

But what if I wanted to create it myself? I don't want to have the troubles of a plugin because I want maximum control... so you have any sources but thanks for that fact...

If you wish for a basic fading effect, I may have a way to do it.
1. Use jquery to set the z-index of the pictures.
2. use fade() and reappend the image behind the last one while decreasing z-index of all pictures during the effect.

Can you write a snippet of code? I am learning bits and bits of jquery while I learn php/mysql

Here's a demo I wrote a while back (zip and demo available).

Thanks for the resource :)
Problem with the jquery file is that when I open it gives me a massive document (jquery-1.4.2.min.js)... is this supposed to happen?

Instead of hosting your own jQuery file, it makes more sense to reference it from a CDN. The reason is that more than likely, a visitor has already downloaded the jQuery file and has it cached. When the visitor accesses your site, downloading jQuery will not be necessary.

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