I have two different layouts for my main page. I would like to have some opinions as to which one looks better:



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I prefer the first one with list of options, its easier to read and quick to find what you are looking for

The first is much better. It's easier to see what is available with the items listed out.

Now, let's talk about that logo... ;-)

I agree - the first one. It's less cluttered :)

I gotta go with the first one too!

Ok. I am going to stick with option 1 even though it makes the page longer.

Now, let's talk about that logo... ;-)

What's wrong with my logo? Are you insinuating that it sucks????

I don't seem to find any difference between the two safe for the ad banners. Could you tell me what difference there are?

No, doesn't suck. Could use a bit of a professional touch up.

yes The first is much better.

Having a problem with your server - it is returning 'Cannot connect to MySQL server'

Are the pages still live?


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