Somedays ago I imported a bitmap image into Adobe photoshop 4.0 and saved that as a .pdd image.I sent that image to a friend of mine in e-mail and he says he can't view anything - neither with windows picture and fax viewer nor paintbrush. He's stinky so he doesn't want to go out and buy it possible for me to get the pdd image inside a microsoft word document and send the document itself ? I have tried Pic sizer too but unfortunately that can't convert adobe images... :sad:

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i havent used abode before but what other formats could you save it as besides .pdd
i'm sure there should be something else a little more compatible. the problem fixed :surprised
I had to go into file and then export file not save or save as...

You can also use the "save as..." command and select a different file type from the menu at the bottom of the save dialogue box.
PSD files are Photoshop native files with layers, alpha channels, paths etc and can't be opened with most other apps (though there are exceptions).
Try saving as tiff, BMP, jpg or something :)

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