I firstly want to clearly state that im not trying to spam!

My name is callum thomson and most of you may know me from the band "Shadows over silence" (we released the song "hormonal hurricane" in australia and america)

we are holding a graphics design competition for someone to design our album cover Entries can be made here or on this post

*Must be your work
*It does not need to contain the album title or band name (we can add this)
*It should be creepy or gothic
*No sources can be used
*You may edit the current cover (Click here to view/save)
*If you are chosen we will mention the artwork is designed by you on the albums booklet and your website will be included if you want
*You may submit as many as you want
*Please do not add your name or company name to it
*No cliche entries
*It must be a serious entry of good quality
*if using photoshop please submit PSD file too (with all layers embedded)
*make sure your entry doesn't meet the intention and worded requirements of the contest rules.
*Your entry is an image montage.
*Your entry should not contains text that floats on the image.
*Your entry should not contain a cartoon speech/thought bubble added to the image
*Your entry should not contain thumbnails of the original overlaid on the image.
*Your entry should not contain 2D cartoon elements (in their cartoon form) as a part of the real images.
*Your entry should not be animated.
*Your entry should not contain a web address. (all areas)


Thankyou very much...and im not trying to promote my band or competition on daniweb...i would'nt dream of spamming up the site

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here's my entry...

The hanged man is supposed to be loosely connected with death. The other stuff is just a random ideas... Oh well.


the image didnt work -i just got the stupi x image :sad: you can retry or email it to me

good luck:cheesy:

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Odd... imageshack is normally reliable.

Anyway here it is, like I said it's rather random...

submission accepted

winners will be announced at my forum very soon

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