Can anyone pls tell me which software i should be using to create a multimedia programme which has a search function, searching based on different categories. The system should autorun and is on cd platform....:eek:

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Care to elaborate?

i'm trying to build a multimedia programme which autoruns when the cd is inserted into the pc and the user need not install this programme into their computer in order to use it. In this programme i will need a search field where user are allowed to search keywords based on the categories which they have selected (eg location, products, type of business.....). I need all these information to be kept in the cd itself allowing the user to access to it without having to be linked to an outer source. Any idea whic sofrtware i should be using to build this programme? Thanks!


Could anybody help me.................
we have a site which is created with static site, but i want to change this with new applications. we ve also multimedia,, php facilities. Which one ve more good for this site.


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That sounds simple enough.

what operating system had you in mind?

If you are looking for an autorun application with the ability to create a search form you should consider Macromedia Director or Flash.

You can build them to link to your data for search capability.

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