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My question is what is the difference between the Fluid website or the Responsive website. Which elements to use the fluid and responsive website. And which one is Good Fluid or Responsive Website

Please elaborate more of your answer. 

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I would say both terms are interchangeable. They both mean the same although responsive would be the technical correct term to indicate a site functions well on different devices.

The main difference is that Fluid Layouts (also called Liquid Layouts) are based on proportionally laying out your website so elements take up the same percent of space on different screen sizes, while Responsive Design uses CSS Media Queries to present different layouts based on screen sizes/type of screen. For some examples of both kinds of design, see Inspiration: Fluid & Responsive Design.

Fluid's intent is to keep the same spatial weighting to all elements, and works okay on different sizes of screens of the same sort. They tend to look okay on a 32", high resolution monitor and a 12" lower resolution laptop. They're pretty easy to implement.

Responsive design's intent is to serve different devices layouts tailored specifically for the type of screen. Your site's layout will generally be cut down to a single column on a smartphone for example.

(Not from my words, but this is what someone else has said)

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