Hi there guys, I have quite a stupid question which for some reason I cannot wrap my head around.

I have a table with supposed 4 cells (2 rows x 2 columns) but I want to set the 2nd column's rowspan to 2 making 3 cells

        <td id="cell1" style="width: 1px">....</td>
        <td id="cell2" style="vertical-align: top">....</td>
        <td id="cell3" rowspan="2" style="vertical-align: top">....</td>

for some reason, cell 2 is aligned to the middle of cell 3 rather than starting directly below cell 1.

This issue occurs only in IE, obviously...

Any suggestions as to how I can make the cell 2 start immediately after cell 1 rather than starting in the middle of cell 3?

PS: Cell 3 has a lot of content and will have a height bigger than the content of cell 1 & 2 combined.

Seems like the only way is to add another table in cell 1 rather than having a rowspan.