Hey guys!

i appreciate all the help ive been getting from you around here.

I have a problem that isnt being solved by google D:

i like the frames in html its exactly what i need however i want to make a dropdown menu bar on the header frame and the problem is, the drop down doesnt show as it cannot fit on the frame.

i tried finding a work around and tried using divs and css but i dont like it.

The help i would appreciate is if anyone could guide me by telling me a work around for this..

is there a way to allow spry menu bars to overlap onto other frames?
is there a way to target a div so that a link opens a html page in the div layer?
should i use another way to create the same frame layout?
is there another type of dropdown menu bar that would allow me to overlap frames? (flash,php,etc.).. this would be a good solution.

please help me answer these questions.
i am a complete amateur so if there is any coding explained please be noob-friendly :D

Thanks a Lot!! :D

You should look at frames as separate browser windows. Content of one cannot overlap another.

The best way would be to read up on div's and css, and redesign your page. There are a lot of examples out there to get you started.

and do keep in mind that working with frames has a serious downside: if you have your main page and your menu in separate frames, if you add your page to your favourites and open that page later on, chance is you'll only get the main frame, not the entire page you want to display.