I'm not to experienced with flash programming and I want to look into a task that have been described.
The person has one flash program that is written in CS3. This is in version 2 (I guess Autoscript 2) and need to be upgraded to version 3. I have received the .fla file and want to know a bit more about the challanges around this. The only thing I know is that I apparantly have to use Adobe flash CS6, while doing this job.

My question is:

  • What are the main challanges when upgrading flash from 2 to 3?
  • Is it just to change some syntax, or do the new version require different structure?
  • What version 2 code isn't mainly accepted by version 3?

I'am mostly experienced around c#/ASP.NET and .NET i general.
All answer will be highly appreciated!

Regards Ruben Ravnå