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Why would Flash work in IE 9 but not in IE 11? That is, why would Adobe Flash work with Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 9 and not work with Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 11?

I am using a small flash object in the index page of www.gelsana.com. It appears on one computer using IE 9 but not on another computer using IE 11. I first thought it might be an issue with a virus, but I ran a couple of anti-virus programs and I still have the issue on the computer using IE 11. Any advice?

What I would prefer to do instead of just not showing the little flash object is post some sort of message instead telling the user to download this or that. But since the cause of it not showing, I guess, might be for several reasons, I would need some sort of browser sniffer. I mean, it does not show at all in Chrome or Firefox.

Can the problem be fixed with using a later version of flash?

It seems to me that every browser and every version should have some way to show Flash. Is this not the case?

The SWF file I am using in the index.html is:


I am not the author if this file. If I need to rebuild it as a silverlight project, I will need to decompile it. Do the tools exist that will allow me to do this? Is it possible to first decompile a flash project and then convert it into silverlight?

I think the ugly truth is that Flash is dead or dying and everything needs to be redone in HTML5. Say it isn't so.

On second thought I think I must be doing something wrong on the web site. I can pull up web sites that run flash in my IE 11 browser. I can go to http://www.erain.com/products/swift3d/examples/ and see all the flash content there. So what am I doing wrong? There must be something wrong in the way I am coding the html in the index.html file. This is how I am doing it:

 classid="CLSID:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11CF-96B8-444553540000" id=DefaultOcxName
 width=140 height=45
<param name="_cx" value=3704>
<param name="_cy" value=1191>
<param name=FlashVars value="">
<param name=Movie value="assets/site_map.swf">
<param name=Src value="assets/site_map.swf">
<param name=WMode value=Window>
<param name=Play value=-1>
<param name=Loop value=-1>
<param name=Quality value=High>
<param name=SAlign value="">
<param name=Menu value=-1>
<param name=Base value="">
<param name=AllowScriptAccess value="">
<param name=Scale value=ShowAll>
<param name=DeviceFont value=0>
<param name=EmbedMovie value=0>
<param name=BGColor value="">
<param name=SWRemote value="">
<param name=MovieData value="">
<param name=SeamlessTabbing value=1>
<param name=Profile value=0>
<param name=ProfileAddress value="">
<param name=ProfilePort value=0>
<param name=AllowNetworking value=all>
<param name=AllowFullScreen value=false>

I just tried google's swiffy online conversion routine and it produced a blank image. The tool showed a side-by side comparison of the original image, looking normal, and the swiffy image all blank. The downloaded swiffy html is also blank. :(

I have made some progress on this issue. I first ran some tests by just loading the swf file in a browser. This worked in IE 11 which told me that the problem was with the html file.

So I made the html file from scratch using dreamweaver and used dreamweaver to make the proper settings in the html file when I added the flash swf file. Long story short: this worked in solving the problem with IE 11. The resulting HTML file loads in IE, and in Chrome but it does not run in firefox. Any idea why?

Now I am thinking about uninstalling firefox and reinstalling it to see what that does.

Stop using IE.

It all depends on what your flash obeject is doing.

IE9 flash is not the integrated Pepper flash, which is used in IE10/11. If you are doing something that the integrated "sandbox" doesnt like, you may see unexpected results.

However, after looking, it doesn't seem you are doing anything special. The greater irony is that you are using a flash object to launch a silverlight object... If all that swf does is some artwork with some tweening, it might just be worth your time to remake it with a little more modern look, or even just do it with HTML/CSS to make it more compatable with all browsers.

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